Network Like a Boss Lady

Network Like a Boss Lady is an on-demand, online training course that you can take from anywhere using your computer, iPad, or iPhone. Completing each of the four modules will leave you with a structured system that you can personalize to make the most of your networking efforts and grow your business in a genuine way.

The program includes four modules that you access through a members’ only website and that you complete at your convenience and at your pace. The modules cover:

1.      The What, Why, and How of Networking 

a.      Understand what networking is and what it isn’t

b.      Understand your “why” for networking

c.      Identify your purpose and goals for networking

d.      Learn how to choose where to network so that youdon’t waste time or energy

2.      Making the Most of Opportunities – Planning,Working the Room, and Conversation Starters

a.      Learn steps to developing your networking planof action

b.      Learn how to work a room at a happyhour/mingling type event

c.      Learn how to work a room at a luncheon or dinnerevent

d.      Learn how to initiate conversations includingbeing able to identify the best conversation groups to join and ice breakers

e.      Learn to be memorable

3.      Developing Your Personal Statement – A betterway of answering “what do you do for a living”?

a.      Understand the what and how of personalstatements

b.      Learn the 7 steps to creating a personalstatement

c.      Understand the importance of practicing andrevising your personal statement

4.      Adding Value and Nurturing Relationships

a.      Learn how to add value to your relationships by being memorable, being a great connector, and by making great introductions

b.      Learn how to nurture your networking relationships

In addition to learning how to apply strategy to your networking activities, tactics to use to engage others and to make yourself more memorable, and how to nurture relationships after the networking event is over – all from a Boss Lady’s perspective, the Program also covers:

·      Body language and non-verbal cues

·      How to read a room for the best conversation groups to join

·      Ice breakers

Course Syllabus

What, Why, How

Maximizing Opportunities

Adding Value

Nurturing Relationships


“Network Like a Boss Lady completely shifted my perspective about networking. I've learned that networking is about relationship-building rather than selling and that having clear goals before you network can make it successful and effective. It’s helped me relax and enjoy networking!" — Kat Morgan, Changeability Solutions

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